People, places and culture
Salt Daze is a storytelling project from two travellers, seeking out tales about the people and places we encounter on our travels around the globe.
I’m Sue, originally from London but of late I’ve been travelling in Asia and Latin America. I started out studying languages before becoming a food anthropologist in order to indulge my endless fascination for all things food and culture, a fascination which luckily also lends itself very well to travel. Back in London I mainly worked for PR and branding agencies where writing was always a core part of my job, it’s a skill that gets put to good use here as we try to immerse you into life in another part of the world through our tales.
I’m Anton, a designer by trade and traveller by design. Growing up as part of a minority group in Estonia ensured that multiculturality was on my radar from a young age, and as a result I became interested in differences. Before setting out on the road to travel I worked as a designer for leading brands at numerous advertising and branding agencies in London, where I developed my craft and also my interest in photography. My design experience ensures that our stories are infused with engaging visuals to create thought-provoking articles.
During our travels we come across so many intriguing places that we want to do more than just photograph the sights and write guides or listicles. We delve beneath the surface to find out about the stories behind the cities and towns we explore. Temporarily immersing you into another part of the world.
Our aim is to nurture engagement on a level deeper than just the click of a like button.
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