Chainpur: New Year in Nepal’s Far West

On the cusp of the year 2074 we travel to Nepal's far west, where tucked away, beyond cascading terraced farms and…

Arslanbob: Walking through ancient walnut forests

Arslanbob, in south west Kyrgyzstan, where the pace and flavour of life is dictated by the ancient walnut forests that…

Tagong: A slice of Tibet in China

Tagong, in China’s Sichuan Province, is a slice of Tibet in China. Here the air is thinner, the number of people and…

Western Mongolia: Lost in Altai

Altai, in Mongolia’s far west, is a landscape of dusty deserts, snow-capped peaks and eagle hunters; it encapsulates…

Orange hills surrounding the town of Min Kush, Kyrgyzstan
Min-Kush: The town that time forgot

Min Kush, in central Kyrgyzstan, is a town full of abandoned places. Once a crown jewel of the Soviet Union’s nuclear…

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Rooftop view of Zacatecas Cathedral
Zacatecas: The city with a face of pink stone and a heart of silver

Zacatecas is the city with a face of pink stone and a heart of silver. Once at the heart of Nueva España's brutal…